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A One of A Kind Gift

WOW them, every time!

Outside The Box greetings gifts and goodies, LLC was born in 2014. Each custom made gift created by hand, has my complete focus from start to finish. Attention to detail and unique touches geared towards the personality of the recipient, create a one of a kind gift experience that delights!


Meet Tara!

"My philosophy is be happy, share joy, and express gratitude...because every day is a GIFT."

Custom Creations


Hours of time and energy are invested to insure an unforgettable gifting experience!

Artistic packages are created based on details you reveal. With just a few tidbits and Tara's talents,an amazing masterpiece will be made... 

making you MEMORABLE! 


It's a WRAP!

Have beautiful items that you need arranged and wrapped, with a specific theme in mind?




Bridal Party 

Baby Shower

Gala Gift Auction



Get Better

Work Occasions

Holiday Occasions


Here's How It Works

  Tell me about your gift recipient. I will shop for unique items with that person and gift occasion in mind, and artfully arrange the items in an unique container, based around a specific theme. Don't like celophane? I will box it up, with custom bow and tag, for that element of suprise! Want to share my excitement as I find the perfect gifts? I will send you pictures along the way! Easy for you, exciting and fun for me, with 100% satisfaction guarantee! 


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